You`re struggling and you’re not sure where to turn to.
You`re scared of losing her.
You don`t talk to each other the way you should.
You want your daughter to open up to you, but instead of opening up, she is pushing you away.

You want that special connection with your gorgeous girl, but “it” seems to have vanished. You long for those special Mother/Daughter moments, the ones that remain in your heart forever. You just want to reconnect with her to let her know you care.

You don’t want her to make the same mistakes you made. But unless you connect deeply with your daughter you won’t be able to have that talk.

You feel as if your daughter is missing out on the best of you, because she increasingly refuses to let you into her world.

Your heart is breaking because this is not the relationship you imagined.

And maybe her heart is breaking too?

You want to manage your time better so that you can communicate with your gorgeous girl on a different level, however you’re not sure where to start.

You sometimes have limiting thoughts and beliefs, moments of low self-esteem and confidence that you are unconsciously passing on to your daughter. (Maybe you are unaware that this actually happens.)

You just want the closeness back — the deep connection you had when she was little.
You know you have to fix this.
You`re wondering HOW?
Your fear of losing her keeps you awake at night.
You worry about whom she’s turning to for advice, because she certainly isn’t asking you.
You want to let her know you love her, you want to be there for her.
You can’t continue with this love/ hate relationship with your daughter.
You can`t continue butting heads.

You want her to listen to you, however in order for that to happen she has to hear you. What are the messages your gorgeous girl is hearing from you right at this moment?

I know, you just want to RECONNECT.

If you are a mum of a daughter aged 10-16 I would love to work with YOU and your GORGEOUS GIRL.

Let me help and guide you to a place where you have quality conversations with your daughter and transform your relationship to a place where you both communicate with love, compassion and understanding.

When you are confident that your daughter sees and feels you, your confidence is passed on to her unconsciously. This in turn helps her to have quality communication and quality relationships.

Being a mum is one of the most important jobs we will ever do and as a mum myself I know that we have plenty to juggle. It’s so easy to get caught up in all those things we think we NEED to do and neglect the really important conversations that need to happen with our children.

I will hold your hand through the process. Did you know? Your daughter needs a cheerleader (that`s you).

Let me be yours!

I am on a mission to help women everywhere transform their relationships with their daughters.

If you feel..
A disconnect in your relationship.
Your gorgeous girl is pushing you away.
A need to make improvement in the way the two of you communicate.
Things are OK now, but you would like to make improvements to your 
relationship to strengthen your Mother/Daughter bond.
You are struggling with the fact she is growing up.

It’s OK. I am here to help you.

So who am I? Let me introduce myself.

I am Carol Johnston: Empowerment/ Self Esteem, Mother/Daughter relationship Coach & Author.

First and foremost like you I am a mother (of two amazing boys).

You may be thinking “So why a mother/daughter coach when she has boys?“ The reason: this is just where my coaching/ teaching journey has lead me. As an Empowerment Self /Esteem Coach I started working with tween and teen girls in my first workshop program “Buds To Blossoms.” I discovered the disconnect that mums were feeling. So, after many months of research and interviews with mums everywhere I launched Mothers & Daughters United.

As a mother, I know you want the best possible relationship with your child. It breaks my heart to see families suffering, especially when it`s just a matter of doing things a little differently, listening more intently, being more present with each other and asking more questions.


Want to know more email me NOW : or call me on 0418 412 697